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Be Prepared for a Spill ~ 20% Reduction in Cost of Staff Training Seminars Until End of February

Posted on 22nd January, 2014

At IandR Services we come across the results of companies failing to plan for what would happen if the oil or chemicals they use ever leaked.  We encourage everyone using oil and chemicals to have suitable spill kits and absorbents to contain a spill if it happens and just as importantly, to have a spill response plan and properly trained staff.

Speaking about the subject today our product sales manager said:

We are pleased that part of the message is getting through and most companies storing and using oil or chemicals will have some sort of spill kit.  But all too often this lies forgotten in a corner until an accident happens.  As a result when a spill does occur staff open the spill kit for the first time and then try to guess what they should do next.  This is because management haven’t given enough thought to training staff in how to use the spill kit or what their priorities should be when a spill has occurred.  Untrained staff will not use a spill kit as effectively as they might, resulting in a bigger pollution incident than there would have been, and unfortunately that’s the best case scenario. 

“Untrained staff tend to focus first on the spill and forget about safety, meaning they can jump into risky situations without considering the hazards associated with the chemicals which have been spilt.  As a result they endanger themselves and others!

“Any company storing and using oils and chemicals should have a site specific spill response plan and this should include giving front-line staff relevant training.  Doing this properly and documenting it will help demonstrate to insurers that you take your responsibilities seriously and are a lower risk.”

It is important for businesses working with oil and chemicals to remember that Regulation 13 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations places a duty on employers to provide for appropriate emergency response including immediate remedial action.  This can be interpreted as having a spill kit where it is needed, having a plan for when an incident occurs and having staff who are able to deal with the incident.

To help companies be prepared IandR Services are reducing the cost of their staff training seminars by 20% from £500+VAT to £400+VAT until the end of February.

Seminars are tailored to suit your needs and the profile of those attending.  For management we can discuss policy and the regulations affecting your organisation.  For operatives we can focus on good yardmanship, helping to avoid spills, and how to respond safely if one does occur.  Seminars can be customised to your needs and can include:

·         Practical demonstration

·         Introduction to most types of absorbents

·         Video - Simulated spill scenario

·         Regulations and the law

·         Consequences of pollution

·         The EA 10 point checklist of good yardmanship

·         The importance of pre-planning

·         Dealing with a spill - 11 steps

·         Disposal of used absorbents and duty of care

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