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Frequently Asked Questions

Eclipse Environmental Services Helpline: +44(0)800 587 7589
Can I order products through the website?
Unfortunately at the present time Eclipse Environmental Services does not operate an e-commerce system. However if you contact us via phone or e-mail our staff will make ordering as quick and as simple as possible for you.
I don’t know whether I require oil, chemical or maintenance products. Which should I use?
  • Oil products are hydrophobic, thus will not absorb water. This is ideal for situations in which water is present and you only need to soak up oil-based products.
  • Chemical products are highly durable and hold a wide variety of concentrated chemicals as well as oil based products and other aqueous solutions but are not hydrophobic.
  • Maintenance products will not hold corrosive liquids and are not hydrophobic, but will hold a wide variety of commonplace aqueous solutions.
I wish to arrange spill response training. How can I do this?
Please contact our Customer Service Manager to discuss the details of our spill prevention and response training services, which includes both certification and a practical section.
Does Eclipse Environmental Services provide an emergency response service?
Yes, Eclipse can provide an emergency response including 24/7 phone support, together with a fast response within 4 hours and advice as necessary.
I have been forwarded by Darcy Spillcare to Eclipse Environmental Services, why?
Eclipse Environmental Services is the principal supplier of Darcy Spillcare products in Northern Ireland and the sole provider in the Republic of Ireland. Therefore, whenever Darcy Spillcare receives an enquiry comes from customers in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, Darcy provide us with the details and we handle the enquiry.
I am ordering from the Republic of Ireland what is the price in Euro of your products?
Please contact our Product Sales team for current exchange rate prices. Payment can be made in either Sterling (GBP) or Euro (EUR). 


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